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Diploma in Food and Beverage Management

The course is designed to produce graduates who shall eventually take on specialized food and beverage roles in the hospitality industry.The course equips students with hands-on knowledge in all operational aspects of the Food and Beverage sector within the hospitality industry. This is to provide students with a strong in-depth foundation of the industry sector required to manage a restaurant or food and beverage department.This is followed by a compulsory 6-month internship for students to transform these skills into industry experience. This is to allow students to transform in-class knowledge into real-world experience.
This is a 12-month course, with 10 modules conducted over 6 months in-class theory and practical class, and followed by another module as 6-month compulsory internship. Each term consists of 5 study weeks and 1 break week.

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Advanced Diploma in Hospitality Management

This programme prepares students with a comprehensive set of operational and management skills required to be successful in the hospitality industry. It stresses on specialized hospitality management subject matters supported by experiential training.The learning outcomes required for a student to be successful in the hospitality industry, or progress to a top-up degree programme, can only be achieved by completing all the modules prescribed for this course.
This is a 24-month course, with 28 modules conducted over 18 months in-class theory and practical class, and followed by another module as 6-month compulsory internship. Each term consists of 10 study weeks, 2 exam weeks and 1 break week.

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Advanced Diploma in Global Business Management

As globalisation increases, more organisations have to work beyond their traditional regional boundaries, compete in diverse global environments and find that their traditional domestic markets are open to global challenges. These organisations need experts who can work across multicultural barriers, develop effective international strategies and source products internationally. This course will train you in these key business areas.
he 48 credit hours, 16-module course is designed to equip students with the technical knowledge of operating in an ever changing global economic and business landscape. Students will be exposed to fundamental business knowledge in the areas of marketing, human resource management, accounting, business management, business statistics, and communication.

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Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management

he 18 credit-hour, 6-module course addresses the needs of graduates from a wide range of disciplines who are seeking to increase their professional skills, knowledge and value through acquiring both an understanding of global and national challenges on businesses, so as to be able to respond professionally and effectively to these challenges.
It provides students with current management and finance concepts, models and frameworks and trains the students in analytical problem solving and research skills to enable them to operate confidently and effectively in a business environment characterised by constant changes, requiring flexible and innovative responses at the professional level.
The programme consists of 6 modules conducted over 3 terms in 9 months. Each term consists of 8 study weeks, 2 exam weeks and 2 break weeks.The programme is conducted on a face-to-face basis. Students will attend lectures and tutorials.

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Master of Business Administration

Wrexham Glyndwr University is a vibrant, friendly and inclusive learning community focused on inspiring each student and placing them at the heart of everything we do. Our courses have an applied focus and offer a rich, hands-on and supportive learning experience designed to further ambition and encourage students’ passion to succeed.
Wrexham Glyndwr University is home to more than 6500 students and offers over 150 courses in its undergraduate and postgraduate portfolio. These are split across four academic schools, the School of Creative Arts, the School of Social and Life Sciences, the School of Applied Science, Computing and Engineering and the North Wales Business School.

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