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About Course

The full training aims to provide a strong A1 level (4 skills) to students. The course is compact and it is structured to deliver fundamental and essential language skills to students in small classroom size by both Native and Myanmar Instructor. After A1 Level,students will be able to progress to next upper levels until advanced level.

What will students learn?

Students will be taught on how to build a sentence by using verbs, pronouns, adjectives, prepositions, etc. Moreover, they will be able to handle the French pronunciation, introduce themselves, speak about them, speak about everyday life situations, in a simple way, speak about their needs, count, and describe persons or things.

Course Details

It will be completed within 36 hours (possibly 3 months). The course will be awarded by i-connect Professional Training Centre.

Lecturers’ Profiles

French Native Instructor Mr.Gautier Dehaye

Gautier is a French Native from Brittany, France. He teaches French Language in Myanmar since 2018, with teaching experiences in other countries. Currently, he is teaching French 4 Skills, Listening and Speaking in private classes to Burmese and foreigner students.

Myanmar Instructor Ms.Yonn Myet Chae
BA., French (YUFL)

Yonn is a freelance French Language Instructor since 2017. She has taught French to over 100 students from beginner A1 level to upper levels courses. Currently, she is teaching French Language courses to Burmese and foreigner students with Native Instructor.

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