Data Center

Course: Professional Certificate in System Administration  
Awarded by :
Duration : 4 Months
Time : 3hours-Classtime

Class Days : Saturday & Sunday
NoLinux Server Administration
1Linux Permission and User Control
2Linux Useful Commands
3IPv4 and IPv6 Configuration
4File Server Installation and Configuration
5Web Server Installation and Configuration
6DNS Server Installation and Configuration
7Filtering with Linux Firewall
8VPN Installation and Configuration
9Troubleshooting the Linux System
NoData Center Virtualization
1Introduction to Server, Network and Storage Virtualization
2Hypervisor Concept and Installation
3.Installation the Virtual Machine on the Hypervisor
4Cloning the Virtual Machine
5Creating the Virtual Machine Template
6Configuring the Management Network on Hypervisor
7Virtual Switch Concept and Configuration
8Network Virtualization Concepts
9Storage Configuration and File Management on Hypervisor
10Many Type of Storage Concepts
11Centralized Management with many Hypervisors
12Centralized Management with all Virtual Machines
13Migrating Power-on, Power-off and Suspended Virtual Machines
14Installing iSCSI Network Based Storage
15Centralized Network Based Storage
16Storage Virtualization (VSAN)
17Resources Allocation and Automation